About Ryan

Hello friends and family!

My name is Ryan Gaffney and I am the owner of Complete Health in Lansing. I have been working with what was Complete Nutrition and is currently Complete Health for 12 years. When I first came to Complete, I was looking to make some serious changes to my health, fitness and over all well-being. I had been a shopper at many local stores that I thought were like Complete Health until I came to Complete and experienced customer service to a level that was incomparable.

I was impressed for many reasons but few that stuck out were the friendly and hospitable atmosphere. I always felt welcomed and was acknowledged when I visited, even when the store was busy with other customers. I always felt the store was a judge free atmosphere which made my experience easier and more exciting.

The team always greeted me and started asking me questions about my goals and lifestyle. They showed me around the store and provided an experience that was personal, emotional, and unforgettable. The knowledge of the coaches was always superior and anytime the store had something new that they thought I would like or be interested in they made sure to discuss it with me with out any pressure to feel the need to buy. With the ease of discussion and having been in such a positive atmosphere, I also found that the products I used provided me an edge to help me accomplish my goals. The coaches did a nice job of finding balance in helping be motivational, holding me accountable and were able to always able to keep me positive if I was ever down about my progress.

Now, it's our turn as Complete Health to provide those same experiences to you. It is important to acknowledge that we are much more than just a supplement shop. We are here to provide support in all aspects of health, hence why we are Complete Health. My team and I want to support your physical, mental, and emotional goals because they all play a role in how we succeed and accomplish what we desire with our bodies. If it wasn't for Complete Health, I may have struggled to go from 250 lbs. to 170 lbs. in the short time that I did. We only want to see you grow and flourish to be the best version of yourself and it starts with you. Come to Complete Health and prepare to step into excellence as we help you be the best version of you. We look forward to seeing you and getting you started today!

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