Gabe Larner

I started lifting weights when I was 12 years old. I immediately fell in love and made it my goal from a very young age to become someone who has a positive impact on those around me and those I coach. Changing lives through fitness is the only route I wanted to follow.

I started working in the fitness/health industry straight out of high school. Worked at Complete Nutrition as a manager for 2 years, expanding my knowledge on nutrition & dietary supplementation. I won my natural bodybuilding pro-card in men's physique when I was 19 y/o.

I then became certified and started working as an In-person coach when I was 20 y/o. Since then I have worked with well over 100+ individuals on their health/performance. From weight loss, muscle gain, strength increase, young athletes, high school athletes, MMA fighters, powerlifters, celebrities and those JUST starting their fitness journey. I work with all ages and all levels of fitness, I continue to work with athletes and the general population to date.

A coach is someone who instills you with the tools, knowledge, dedication and discipline that you need to succeed. Even when you don't believe in yourself, your coach should believe in your abilities and help you set timely and realistic goals that are possible to achieve. Most importantly a coach should CARE about you as a human being and a client. You and I are a team when we work together.

Justin Johnson

JJ Johnson "The Jet"

Jet Fitness was founded by head trainer & boxer, JJ "The Jet" Johnson. What initially began as a side project to help friends get in shape while supporting his boxing career, Justin has evolved Jet Fitness into a full-scale gym with local and international clientele.

What makes Jet Fitness unique is the genuine companionship between the trainers and the clients, whom are both invested in reaching each other's goals and overcoming obstacles. In order to achieve a client's goals, the duty of an elite trainer goes beyond what happens in the gym, it's about making serious and dramatic lifestyle changes - this is the Jet Fitness mission.

Ali David

My name is Ali David and I am a Kinesiology student at Michigan State hailing from the town of Princeton, New Jersey. I am a 20 year old 82.5kg powerlifter in the USAPL with my most notable accomplishments being placing 2nd in the nation at 2022 teen nationals and setting the teen III American deadlift record at the same meet.

Outside of competition, I am the founder and president of the Michigan State powerlifting club, in which myself and a team of hardworking board members were able to facilitate the recruitment of multiple national level athletes within the duration of a single school year. I am extremely proud of the work that all of our lifters put in, and I am excited to have complete nutrition behind us this school year. Go Green!

Cam Malleg

My name is Cam Mallegg and I'm from Grosse Pointe, MI. I played baseball for Butler University on a D1 scholarship until sidelined by hip surgery. Months of physical therapy sparked an interest in nutrition and bodybuilding. With experience in photography and videography, I spend lots of time behind, and in front of a camera. I am currently studying Exercise Science at Lansing Community College and plan to continue toward a degree in Biomechanics.

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